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Sharing the costs of training in the newer EU Member States

The conference will announce the results of Cedefops study Sharing the costs of vocational education and training. An analysis of schemes in the newer EU Members States.

The research findings will form the basis of discussions among policy-makers, social partners, researchers and practitioners on current patterns and trends in financing training in the countries concerned and on challenges and possible solutions. The conference participants will:

  • identify cost-sharing approaches in the 12 newest EU Member States and examine how effective, efficient and equitable they are;
  • ascertain whether the current crisis has affected the operation or effectiveness of cost-sharing approaches;
  • consider possible ways of improving existing cost-sharing arrangements and remedy any negative trends arising from the crisis;
  • set priorities for policy and research




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15/10/2009 a 16/10/2009
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Eleonore van de Veerdonk