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ReferNet Partnership forums in Rome and Athens

In 2016, ISFOL (ReferNet Italy) and Eoppep (ReferNet Greece) will welcome their colleagues and partners to partnership forums organised jointly with Cedefop. In these annual forums, ReferNet members discuss vocational education and training (VET) issues, improve their knowledge by sharing information on recent developments in national policies and systems, and develop a common approach to the deliverables included in their annual work plan.

This year’s partnership forums will take place on 12 and 13 May in Rome and on 19 and 20 May in Athens.

The forums will focus on reporting activities: VET policy questionnaire, spotlight on VET, national news and VET in Europe reports. Issues such as writing for non-native readers, using common terminology to describe different national realities, and peer reviewing other partners' reports, will be high on the agenda. A convergence workshop on the 2016 survey on international mobility of initial vocational education and training (IVET) learners will also be organised. 

Developing a European partnership through rewarding cooperation is the aim of all ReferNet members. We warmly thank ISFOL and Eoppep for keeping up the momentum, and we look to Rome and Athens for inspiration in our discussions.

ReferNet is a network of institutions across Europe representing the 28 Member States, plus Iceland and Norway. The network provides Cedefop with information and analysis on national vocational education and training. National partners also disseminate information on European VET and Cedefop’s work to stakeholders in the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. ReferNet publications can be accessed through the ReferNet page on Cedefop’s website.



Agenda Rome 12-13 May

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Agenda Athens 19-20 May

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Challenges and Prospects in Italy: a strategic approach to skills - Aviana Bulgarelli

EN243.64 KB

Alternance training in Italy: a new systematic approach - Valentina Curzi

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VET in the Greek education & training system - Nikos Georgiadis

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12/05/2016 a 20/05/2016
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Rome (12-13 May) and Athens (20 May)
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Sylvie Bousquet
Project manager
Maria Berkat