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Familiarisation of the new Member States with the TTnet activities

New Member States

The process of expanding the TTnet network to include the new Member States was launched in autumn 2002 in close cooperation with the Turin Foundation (ETF) and comprises the following stages:

  1. a conference held in connection with the Danish EU Presidency bringing together the representatives from the 13 candidate countries and from the TTnet networks. The aim of the conference was to introduce the TTnet network to the 13 countries and to explore ways of involving them in the network's activities as of 2003 (November 2002);
  2. consultation of the 13 countries on the basis of a vademecum and a questionnaire;
  3. an analysis by a small working group (ETF, TTnet, Cedefop, new Member States) of the countries' replies regarding the priorities of their VET systems, their expectations vis--vis the TTnet network, the actors concerned and ways of associating them to the TTnet network;
  4. drawing up of an action plan for bringing the new Member States into TTnet over the period 2003-2006;
  5. setting up national networks in the new Member States (NMS):
i. Lithuania, Kaunas - 12 March 2004 (see agenda)
ii. Malta, Valleta - 21 April 2004 (see agenda)
iii. Slovenia, Ljubljana - 2 June 2004(see agenda)
iv. Slovakia, Bratislava - 4 June 2004(see agenda)
v. Estonia, Tallin - 15 June 2004(see agenda)
vi. Hungary, Budapest - 8 September 2004(see agenda)
vii. Czech Republic, Prague - 21 January 2005 (see agenda)
viii. Latvia, Riga - 16 June 2006 (see agenda)
ix. Nicosia, Cyprus - 14 November 2006 (see agenda)


ix. Agenda, Nicosia, Cyprus


viii. Agenda, Latvia, Riga


vii. Agenda - Czech Republic, Prague


vi. Agenda - Hungary, Budapest


v. Agenda - Estonia, Tallin


iv. Agenda - Slovakia, Bratislava


iii. Agenda - Slovenia, Ljubljana

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ii. Agenda - Malta, Valleta

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i. Agenda - Lithuania, Kaunas

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2. Questionnaire

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2. Vademecum

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21/11/2002 a 14/11/2006
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