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1st Expert workshop & Technical advisory group meeting on building complementary pathways for the refugees

Building a complementary pathway for adult refugees with the use of VET, skills and qualifications
Complementary pathways

In the frame of Cedefop’s project “Complementary Pathways for Adult Refugees: the Role of VET, Skills and Qualifications”, an expert workshop is organised in order to discuss the main findings throughout the project with a view of providing technical and policy advice and support.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a theoretical and legal framework for complementary pathways involving the support of VET, skills and qualifications. It will also constitute an opportunity to discuss the project aim and outputs.

The theoretical framework intends to better outline the opportunities, potential legal obstacles and threats that we may come across when developing and testing a complementary pathways regime that combines skills, qualifications and education of asylum seekers - refugees with the labour market demand and / or educational possibilities of potential host countries.

The workshop will bring together representatives of the EU level social partners, experts from academia, international institutions and NGOs.

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Borschette Centre
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Ramona Carmen David Craescu
Ioannis Katsikis