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Can I apply for more than one posts?

Each election procedure is independent from any previous or other current selection procedures. A unique protocol number is given to each application submitted and is only valid for the specific selection procedure.

Candidates may submit a new application for another selection procedure if they wish. However, as mentioned in the instructions published in Cedefop’s website, they must register again using a different username.


If I made a mistake or forgot to attach a document but have already submitted my application, can I ask HR to correct or attach it?

It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the information provided in the application form is complete, correct and consistent with their CV and that they submit their application in good time.

The Human Resources cannot correct, modify or delete an application as submitted by the candidate. Candidates who realise a mistake or omission after the submission of their application (but before the deadline for applications), may apply again (using a different username) and inform HR by e-mail which of the two applications is to be considered further.

Can reference letters or additional documents be sent separately from the on-line application, by e-mail or post?

Applicants should submit a complete on-line application and any additional documents they wish (including reference letters) within the deadline. 

The Human Resources cannot intervene or modify the application in any way before or after the submission

On-line applications will be evaluated by the Selection Board as submitted by the candidates by the deadline and any additional documents sent by e-mail or post will be disregarded (see also question 2).

I have obtained my certificate / degree in a non-European Union country. Do I need a certification of equivalency?

Degrees issued from any educational institution of a non EU country must be recognised in at least one of the EU countries. Proof of official recognition (e.g. Naric certification) should be attached to your application.

I do not have the required years of experience, can I apply anyway?

You are free to submit your application. However, if you do not have the required level of education and years of work experience for the specific post, your application will be excluded as it does not meet the formal requirements and selection criteria.

Note that in assessing whether you have the years of experience required for the job, Cedefop solely takes into consideration the information entered into the electronic application form.

Once I have submitted my application, how do I log in again?

After the final submission of your application, you can no longer access it (see also the instructions to applicants). Cedefop’s HR service will inform you of the outcome of your application in due course by email (make sure you check your inbox regularly).

Why can I not enter more than 100% work experience? I worked full time at an office during the day and was teaching at night.

Cedefop will not accept more than full time equivalent work experience, i.e. 100% on any given day/period. You may, however, insert parallel jobs by adjusting the percentages accordingly (i.e. 50% for each) or just enter your full time office job in the electronic application form (and, optionally, describe your teaching experience in the attached CV).

I am not able to upload my CV on the first page of the electronic application form. What is wrong?

Please double check that you are uploading a recent Europass CV downloaded in PDF+XML format from our website ( Also ensure that:

  • all necessary fields including language levels are filled in before uploading the CV;
  • you made no modifications to the CV after completing it on the Europass website (if you have done so, please go back to the Europass website and upload your CV and its contents there. Your personal data will be automatically inserted in the system and you can then make changes and save the updated CV again in the Pdf+XML format)
  • none of the file names are more than 20 characters long – if yes, please shorten.

How can I get more information about the written test and/or interview?

Cedefop’s written tests are specifically designed to examine the competences mentioned in each vacancy notice.  It is therefore not possible to provide sample tests. Shortlisted candidates will be informed whether EU knowledge and/or 3rd language knowledge will be tested during the test and interview.

I was working while I did my bachelor, how can I enter this information in the application form?

If your bachelor is the degree giving access to the selection procedure, then this period cannot be taken into account. Only work experience after the date you obtained your degree is taken into account.

If your secondary education diploma gives access to the selection procedure, make sure to attach this diploma. You can enter the work experience (part time/full time) during your studies in the relevant section of the application form and attach all additional diplomas under ‘other documents’. 

I served my military service before/during my studies and in my country military service is obligatory. Does this count as work experience?

Obligatory military service counts as work experience even if it is served before the date you obtain your degree.

I have not done my military service yet but, in case I get the job I could finish it within 1 month. How do I reflect this in the application form?

If the military service is compulsory for you in your country, you must have fulfilled your obligations by the date of taking up duties. Cedefop will not postpone the starting date to accommodate the military service of an individual.

You can therefore apply at this stage but you have to give the necessary explanations in your motivation letter.

Why do I need to attach a CV when I have entered all the information in the application form?

The CV is a mandatory document. Without it, your application will be considered incomplete and be rejected. Your CV allows you to present your experience more fully and to complement the information in the application form (but remember: the application form and CV should be consistent).

To lighten your workload, you can upload the content of your CV, provided it is a Europass CV in PDF+XML format, on the first page of the application form (Personal Information). Otherwise you need to fill in the application form manually.

Which degree is the one giving access to the selection procedure?

It depends on the type of post (AST/AD or Function Group for CA posts) and is clearly stated in each vacancy. Please read the vacancy notice carefully before applying.

It is very important that you choose and attach the correct degree giving access as the system will start counting your professional experience after the date you obtained this degree.

Please see some examples below:     

For an AST post:

The vacancy notice may mention:

“Have completed a level of post-secondary education attested by a diploma


a level of secondary education attested by a diploma which gives access to post- secondary education and, after having obtained the diploma, 3 years appropriate full-time professional experience

In addition to the above formal requirements the successful candidate must have a minimum of 6 years professional experience in the tasks listed above.”

  1. In this case you should mention in your application form either a secondary diploma + 9 years of experience OR
  2. Your first university degree (with a normal duration of 3 years or more) obtained + 6 years of professional experience OR
  3. A recognised post-secondary degree of less than 3 years + the required years of experience. E.g. where the normal duration of the post-secondary degree is 2 years, you would need 7 years of professional experience (one additional year of experience required as the post-secondary degree was less than 3 years. If the post-secondary was 1 year, 8 years of professional experience would be required)

For an AD post:

The vacancy notice may mention:

“Have a level of university education which corresponds to completed university studies (of at least three years), attested by a diploma


In addition to the above formal requirements, at least 2 years of full-time equivalent relevant professional experience”

In this case you should mention the date you obtained your undergraduate degree of the “completed university studies of at least three years” (e.g. bachelor). Any further degrees (masters or the like) should be mentioned in your CV and may be attached to the electronic application form under ‘other documents’.

I have passed an EPSO competition and would like to apply for a post in Cedefop.

As an EU agency Cedefop organises its own selection procedures that are not linked to EPSO. You therefore have to apply as all other candidates.

I would like to work for the EU institutions. Can I send my CV?

No. Cedefop does not accept spontaneous applications. You should visit our website regularly and apply online for any post that you are interested in and for which you meet the requirements.

I have missed the deadline for a competition. Can I still apply?

No. The on-line application form will not be available after the deadline. Also, if you started to complete the form but you did not submit it before the deadline, then you will not be able to do so afterwards. For reasons of equal treatment of all candidates no exceptions can be made.

I am applying for a contract agent post. Can additional studies (i.e. masters, PhD) be taken into consideration as work experience?

Only for contract agent posts, additional studies that lead to a degree/diploma can be taken into account as work experience provided the diploma has been awarded. The statutory duration of the studies is counted. This statutory duration cannot be less than 3 months. In the case of a PhD, the maximum statutory duration is up to 3 years provided that the PhD has been awarded. Candidates must attach the degree/diploma awarded in the field of ‘other documents’ in the online application form.

Short courses and/or seminars will not be considered as additional studies. If the statutory duration of the studies is less than three months, that period will not be calculated as work experience once you submit your application.

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