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Bibliography on Early leaving from VET



This collection of publications (bibliography) on Early leaving from VET retrieves entries relevant to early leaving from VET from Cedefop’s official bibliographical database (VET-Bib).

The link below retrieves entries relevant to early leaving from VET. The retrieval exercise is based on a scenario with the use of three keywords related to the topic, which are the: educational dropout, training dropout and school leaving, all of them in the context of Vocational Education and Training and for the years since 2010.

The link provided here is a permanent - stable link to a VET-Bib saved search strategy. Results are updated automatically every time something new is catalogue by Cedefop’s Research Support Centre documentalists under those terms.

Additionally, another collection of publication (bibliography) on Early leaving from VET with results from Summon Cedefop’s discovery tool can be found on the related resources below.



Bilbiography on Early leaving from VET

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