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VET toolkit for tackling early leaving

A valuable source of support for policy-makers and VET providers
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The Europe-wide VET toolkit for tackling early leaving was developed by Cedefop in 2017. Based on evidence of success, It provides practical guidance, tips, good practices and tools drawn from VET aiming at helping young people to attain at least an upper secondary qualification.


Toolkit zur Bekämpfung des vorzeitigen (Berufs-) bildungsabbruchs

DOI: 10.2801/869926TI-04-17-414-DE-NISBN: 978-92-896-2449-710/10/2017501.34 KB

Δέσμη εργαλείων για την αντιμετώπιση της πρόωρης εγκατάλειψης της εκπαίδευσης και κατάρτισης

DOI: 10.2801/954532TI-04-17-414-EL-NISBN: 978-92-896-2446-610/10/2017510.46 KB

VET toolkit for tackling early leaving

DOI: 10.2801/021467TI-04-17-414-EN-NISBN: 978-92-896-2423-725/05/20175.66 MB

Herramienta para abordar el abandono temprano de educación y formación

DOI: 10.2801/19478TI-04-17-414-ES-NISBN: 978-92-896-2445-910/10/2017498.67 KB

Boîte à outils de l’EFP pour lutter contre l'abandon précoce de l'éducation et de la formation

DOI: 10.2801/046494TI-04-17-414-FR-NISBN: 978-92-896-2443-510/10/2017499.52 KB

Toolkit per contrastare l’abbandono precoce dell’ istruzione e formazione

DOI: 10.2801/097578TI-04-17-414-IT-NISBN: 978-92-896-2448-010/10/2017495.72 KB

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