A new national campaign was launched in summer 2009. 'Backing Young Britain' unites business and government to create opportunities for young people during the economic downturn.

Over 150 top British employers had subscribed to the programme by September 2009. The Future Jobs Fund aims to provide funding for 150,000 jobs, of which at least 100,000 for young people.  So far the fund, which is worth about 1 billion, has approved bids to create up to 55,000 jobs. Young people can apply for jobs under the fund if they have been unable to find work for more than ten months.   As a legacy from the London Olympics, the government also plans to create 7,500 jobs in the sports sector. In partnership with the National Skills Academy for Sport and the Football League Trust it will offer young people the opportunity to gain skills in coaching, leadership and sports development. 
Further jobs are also being announced this round in horticulture, renewable energy, construction and the National Health Service.

More information:  www.dwp.gov.uk and www.hmg.gov.uk/buildingbritainsfuture

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