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Forecasting skill supply and demand in Europe

09-10 June 2009, Thessaloniki

Cedefop organised its seventh technical workshop on forecasting, with the participation of experts from Skillsnet, Cedefop's international network on early identification of skill needs.

The aim of this workshop was to present and discuss the general approach and methods of the regular medium-term forecasts of skills supply and demand in Europe.

Workshop presentations are available below.




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List of participants

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Workshop introduction and objectives - Alena Zukersteinova

EN178.52 KB

Forecasting skill supply and demand in Europe. An overview of the new Cedefop Framework Programme - Rob Wilson

EN355.07 KB

Developing a consistent dataset - Robert Stehrer and Terry Ward

EN252.85 KB

Macroeconomic scenarios for skill demand and supply projections including dealing with the recession - Hector Pollitt

EN620.06 KB

Approaches to modelling the supply of skills - Ilias Livanos and Rob Wilson

EN338.75 KB

New approaches to modelling the demand for skills - Ilias Livanos and Rob Wilson

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Implications for future labour market imbalances - Ben Kriechel

EN245.86 KB

Qualification requirements of European labour market - Jan Koucky

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