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ECVET Magazine No 12 (December 2012) and Special Issue No 11 (Annual ECVET Forum 2012)

The last issue of the magazine in 2012 is a joint issue prepared together by the ECVET core and support teams. It contains:

  • An editorial by Erik Hess, Policy Officer ECVET at European Commission DG EAC, reviewing the year 2012 and stating the priorities for 2013;
  • An article on the second joint ECVET-EQAVET-EQF seminar held in October in Paris on using units within professional qualifications;
  • An article on the customized seminar for the UEAPME (European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized enterprise) held in September in Brussels;
  • An article on the customized seminar for the nuclear energy sector held in September in Brussels;
  • An article on the pilot projects’ approaches to the definition of units of learning outcomes and their assessment;
  • An article on the ECVET expert teams from Greece, Malta, Italy and Slovenia; 4 articles each describing a pilot project: VET-CCS (Vocational Education and Training Credit Conversion System in Malta), CO.L.O.R (competency valorisation and learning outcome recognition for migrants and mobile workers within Italy), ESyCQ (ECVET-solution to the recognition of prior learning in Germany) MEN-ECVET (analysing alternatives for recognised mobility in France);
  • An article on the NetECVET network, which promotes ECVET to practitioners;
  • An article on the “PEP goes local” project, follow up of the PEP project (Partnership for Experimenting with ECVET in a Practical Context).

The issue 11, prepared by the ECVET support team, is dedicated to the annual ECVET Forum 2012 held in Brussels from May 31 to June 1. In this issue Cedefop has a prominent role.


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