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Past events

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Workshop, Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
11/12/2003 to 12/12/2003
Taking stock of TTnet achievements and future developments
Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece, Greece
Conference, Hamburg, Germany
29/09/2003 to 30/09/2003
Skills mismatches - getting over it?
Conference, Cedefop, Greece
22/05/2003 to 23/05/2003
International conference
Conference, Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
Overview of the results of the TTnet Project Group 2
Workshop, Cedefop office, Brussels, Belgium
12/05/2003 to 13/05/2003
Education, training and economic performance - Who benefits?
Conference, Cedefop, Greece
12/12/2002 to 13/12/2002
Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece, Greece
21/11/2002 to 14/11/2006
New Member States
Conference, Europe, Greece
21/11/2002 to 22/11/2002
A joint conference of the European Training Foundation, Cedefop and the Danish Ministry of Education
Conference, Aalborg, Denmark, Denmark
10/10/2002 to 11/10/2002
Workshop, Segovia, El Espinar, Spain, Spain
30/05/2002 to 31/05/2002
Conference, Berlin, Germany
25/04/2002 to 26/04/2002
Workshop, Vienna, Austria, Austria
13/12/2001 to 14/12/2001
Training of teachers and trainers: a priority of the Commission's eLearning action plan TTnet's contribution
Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece, Greece
Workshop, Cedefop office, Brussels, Belgium
05/04/2001 to 06/04/2001
Workshop, Helsinki, Finland, Finland
07/12/2000 to 08/12/2000
Conference, Brussels, Belgium, Belgium
25/05/2000 to 26/05/2000
Workshop, Lisbon - Cascais, Portugal
16/12/1999 to 17/12/1999
Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece, Greece