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Past events

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18/09/2017 to 19/09/2017
Follow-Up of The 2017 European Big Data Hackathon
Workshop, Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
13/09/2017 to 15/09/2017
Workshop, Milan, Italy
07/09/2017 to 08/09/2017
Conference, Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
Seminar, Permanent Representation of Malta to the EU, Brussels, Belgium
15/06/2017 to 16/06/2017
Learning from inspiring practices
Conference, Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
17/05/2017 to 18/05/2017
Event, Riga, Latvia
16/05/2017 to 17/05/2017
Event, Thessaloniki, Greece
16/05/2017 to 17/05/2017
Workshop, Rome, Italy
11/05/2017 to 12/05/2017
Event, Helsiniki, Finland
Preparing the questionnaire for the 4th wave of the ECS
Workshop, Brussels, Belgium
16/02/2017 to 17/02/2017
Workshop, Thessaloniki, Greece
Workshop, Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
Are we replicating the past or looking to the future?
Seminar, Permanent Representation of Slovakia to the EU, Brussels, Belgium
05/12/2016 to 09/12/2016
Event, Brussels and across Europe, Belgium
28/11/2016 to 29/11/2016
Strategies for implementing validation of non-formal and informal learning
Conference, Macedonia Palace, Thessaloniki, Greece
24/11/2016 to 25/11/2016
Preparing new set of updates
Workshop, Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece