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Guidance for immigrants: The labour market potential of diversity

Europe is facing an increase in the age of its natural population, with a consequential reduction of its available labour force. The current retirement of a highly qualified workforce alongside an increased demand for medium and high-skilled workers is likely to result in labour shortages. The movement of qualified 3rd country immigrants towards the European Union is a necessity for economic recovery and growth. Guidance services are on the forefront of the reception of third country immigrants and constitute a vital support to a successful integration process in society and the labour market.

This peer learning event has as the main objective to raise the awareness about the importance of guidance activities for the labour market integration of third country immigrants in the EU. The event will enable an exchange of information and perspectives between 30 national level policy representatives, promoters of immigrant integration programmes, as well as international experts in guidance and immigration.

The event will:

  • discuss the results of the Cedefop study on “Guidance for the labour market integration of immigrants”;
  • address the key question and challenges identified in these results; 
  • reflect on good guidance practices for immigrants across Europe; 
  • discuss the study’s key messages for policy making.

Issues addressed during the PLE include:

  • Which role can public services play in the (e.g. PES, immigrants’ offices) in empowering immigrant citizens for the labour market;
  • How to generate accountability, visibility and public support towards integration practice.
  • How to engage stakeholders in the development and provision of guidance for immigrants;
  • Which are the right skills for practitioners working in diverse contexts.



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01. "We are also human" An asset-based approach to guidance (Vuorinen)

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02. Immigration: a case of skills mismatch ? (Bimrose)

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03. Guidance for the labour market integration of immigrants (Moreno da Fonseca)

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04. "It takes all sorts to make a world" : A holistic approach to labour market integration of immigrants (Akkok)

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05. Case study - Migrant women are active ! (Corpataux)

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06. Case study - A program for the development of counsellors' skills in Greece (Vlachaki)

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07. The role and context of validation (Villalba)

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08. Validation in Malmö (Hellberg Lannerheim)

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Cedefop, Thessaloniki
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