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Your cooperation ideas

Several cooperation ideas have been developed by conference participants during the round table sessions at the 2nd European Apprenticeship conference “Engaging SMEs in Apprenticeship”, Thessaloniki, 9 and 10 November 2015.

Cooperation ideas  developed during the round table sessions
Round table Cooperation ideas Participants

Round table 1: Designing apprenticeships to involve SMEs

Cooperation idea 1.1: Life App

Cooperation idea 1.2: Apprenticeship Hub

Cooperation idea 1.3: Apprenticeship Knowledge Acceleration (AKA)

Participants of round table 1

Round table 2: Supporting SME engagement: how social partners and other relevant organisations can help

Cooperation idea 2.1: Apprenticeship Platform

Cooperation idea 2.2: Permanent Dialogue and Exchange

Cooperation idea 2.3: European Network of Business Support Organisations

Cooperation idea 2.4: Apprenticeship Pla-NET

Participants of round table 2

Round table 3: Increasing SMEs' capacity for learning provision

Cooperation idea 3.1: I-AM: Innovative, Intercultural and Internet-based Apprenticeship Master

Cooperation idea 3.2: Ambassadors for Apprenticeships

Cooperation idea 3.3: Cultura Duale

Participants of round table 3

Round table 4: Exploring ways larger companies can support SMEs

Cooperation idea 4.1: LAR-SMEs-Alliance 1 for AP

Cooperation idea 4.2: LAR-SMEs-Alliance 2 for AP

Participants of round tale 4

Round table 5: Investigating SMEs' perception of apprenticeships

Cooperation idea 5.1: Investing in your future

Cooperation idea 5.2: Platform for Refugees and Immigrants

Cooperation idea 5.3: Intermediary bodies and network

Participants of round table 5

Round table 6: Managing apprentices: a bottom-up approach

Cooperation idea 6.1: T3 - train the trainers

Cooperation idea 6.2: Better apprenticeship engagement

Participants of round table 6

Round table 7: Strengthening school-enterprise cooperation

Cooperation idea 7.1: Moving Apprenticeship from Theory to Practice

Cooperation idea 7.2: Apprenticeship Club

Cooperation idea 7.3: Break the Isolation

Participants of round table 7

Round table 8: Training in-company trainers

Cooperation idea 8.1: Quality Online Course for Trainers in Small Business

Cooperation idea 8.2: In-company Trainers Certificate

Cooperation idea 8.3: Empowering Experienced People to Train

Participants of round table 8

Round table 9: Organising campaigns to engage SMEs

Cooperation idea 9.1: European Network for Promoting Apprenticeships

Cooperation idea 9.2: Trans-national Professional Programme

Cooperation idea 9.3: Apprentice 4-1-Day

Participants of round table 9

Round table 10: Recruiting apprentices: alternative approaches

Cooperation idea 10.1: Tasting Apprenticeship

Cooperation idea 10.2: DREAM for Successful Applicants

Participants of round table 10

Erasmus+ call for proposals

Support for Policy Reform - support for small and medium sized enterprises engaging in apprenticeships


Project ideas submitted prior to the conference