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Enhancing quality in schools and VET institutions

Study visits workshop on Enhancing quality in schools and VET institutions


  • discuss and validate the findings of the two peer learning study visits on “Quality assurance mechanisms in schools and training institutions” that took place in Vilnius (Lithuania) on 27.09-01.10.2010 and in Hamburg (Germany) on 29.11-03.12.2010;
  • discuss examples of good practices that were presented during the two visits;
  • produce recommendations for policy and decision makers responsible for setting the right conditions at system and provider level to promote an evaluation culture in schools and VET institutions.


The workshop brought together 30 participants and organisers of study visits on the topic of quality assurance in schools and VET institutions, representatives of initiatives identified as examples of good practice during the visits and experts on the topic involved in EU projects and networks. They are educational and vocational training inspectors, ministry officials, representatives of local authorities and national agencies responsible for external and internal evaluation, directors and quality assurance managers of education and vocational training institutions.


Workshop agenda

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Findings from Study Visits in Hamburg and Vilnius on ´Quality assurance mechanisms in schools and training institutions´.

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Areas of external evaluation in Lithuania

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Hamburg school development and QA reference framework

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Synthesis report on study visits 2009/2010 on Quality assurance in education and training

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Outcomes of the working sessions

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Other documents

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Event Details

17/02/2011 to 18/02/2011
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