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Cedefop Expert Workshop on Mainstreaming ECVET to practitioners

The European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) is aiming at enabling learning mobility for young and adult learners, as well as supporting lifelong learning and recognition of prior learning in Europe.

ECVET is meanwhile taken forward in a large number of Member States. The transfer of good practices and knowledge of difficulties from tests and pilots to policy-making is part of the ECVET implementation strategies. (Too) little attention has been paid until now to providers and their staff.

The Cedefop workshop is embedded into the European ECVET policy agenda and aims at:

  • Informing on progress in ECVET implementation. 
  • Identifying the drivers (and obstacles) to the involvement of providers and practitioners to ECVET implementation. 
  • Better understanding the needs of VET practitioners for ECVET testing and implementing.

The workshop brings together practitioners, teachers, trainers, VET providers, policy makers and researchers in VET and ECVET to elaborate ways to take ECVET forward into VET practices and formulate key messages for the further European ECVET agenda.

Contributions shall be addressed to Cedefop experts responsible for the event following the specifications from the attached information note until 26 April 2011.


workshop outcomes_30-31 May 2011

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Draft agenda and background_30-31 May 2011

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Information note

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30/05/2011 to 31/05/2011
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Isabelle Le Mouillour
Project Manager