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A short-term Sector-Based Anticipatory System for labour market trends

Cedefop organised a meeting on Short-term Sector-Based Anticipatory System (SBAS). This project aims at complementing and integrating existing European tools with methods and data for anticipating labour market trends and skill needs at European level.

The goal of the SBAS is to identify emerging competences and short-term skill needs at EU and MS level taking into account the distinctive characteristics and responsiveness of different sectors to change, with the purpose of providing well-structured and comprehensible information on skill needs to a targeted group of labour market and policy actors.

The aim of this meeting was to present the first outcomes delivered in the interim report and to bring together people that could contribute to this project’s development, with the purpose of creating a common vision on methods and uses of the SBAS tool.

 You may find below the PPT presentations.


SBAS meeting - PPT presentations

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