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Innovation and learning in enterprises

Cedefop is currently conducting a study on “Adult learning in the workplace: skill development to promote innovation in enterprises”. This study examines the links between workplace learning and innovation. It identifies and reviews policy frameworks and programmes that foster innovation in enterprises by linking business development and skill development. The study covers EU 27 and Norway. Special attention is paid to the introduction of work organisation and work processes in enterprises that can best stimulate business performance and innovation, while enabling employees to develop their skills on-the-job and contribute to innovation. The general review of policy initiatives and programmes coupling innovation and skill development in enterprises is completed by an in-depth analysis of 10 examples of policies and programmes (case studies).

The aim of this workshop is to discuss and open new perspectives on innovation and learning in enterprises, and to validate and complement the results of Cedefop’s above-mentioned, ongoing study “Adult learning in the workplace: Skill development to promote innovation in enterprises” within this broader context. In particular, the event aims to:

  • gain a better understanding of the relationship between innovation in enterprises and participation in lifelong learning/continuing training and of how human resources policies, skill development and innovation in enterprises are linked; how can change management and the creation of learning organisations contribute to (or inhibit) skills development and innovation? What works, how, and why? What are the potentials of workplace learning in this respect?;
  • gain a better understanding in how far policy initiatives and programmes coupling innovation in enterprises and skill development are used in Europe and how they operate. How do the approaches in the member states differ? Which role does learning play in this context in the national systems of innovation?
  • provide input for future policy recommendations and identify issues for further research.

The workshop aims at bringing together representatives of governments, enterprises, social partners and research to encompass all points of view and perspectives in the debates.

For further details of the event, see the attached documents.





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Cedefop study

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Event Details

10/11/2011 to 11/11/2011
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Mediterranean Palace Hotel , Thessaloniki
Invitation only

Event Contacts

Alexandra Dehmel
Project Manager
Tel. +30-2310 490 123