Croatia has participated in promotion and application of the European credit system in VET (ECVET) from January 2012 as a part of European Commission project National teams of experts for ECVET.

Its team members are VET stakeholder representatives: the ministry responsible for education, the Education and Teachers Training Agency, the Agency for VET and Adult Education, and representatives of VET schools. The Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes has been designated as the coordinating body for the project.

Activities carried out by the Croatian national team of experts are aimed at:

  • improving visibility and better understanding of ECVET among different national stakeholders, especially among VET schools;
  • determining conditions under which ECVET and its components can be implemented nationally in a sustainable and reliable manner;
  • highlighting the benefits that ECVET offers to participants in mobility and encouraging its use to create added value in mobility projects.

Key activities carried out by the national team to strengthen the capacity of stakeholders in the system are:

  • consulting on the introduction, drafting and issuing of the  Europass certificate supplement;
  • preparing different publications on the application of ECVET for international/geographic mobility;
  • organising seminars and workshops on student international mobility in the context of ECVET;
  • establishing the national ECVET portal

Guidelines for application of ECVET for international mobility are already prepared, as are guidelines for the use of learning outcomes in international mobility. There is also a brochure, memorandum of understanding, and learning agreement templates.

The national ECVET portal was established to inform the general public, students and parents, stakeholders and other interested parties. Publications on ECVET and examples of good practice in its implementation will be available on the portal, along with a forum for questions and answers.

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