A Cedefop delegation visited the Greek Ministry of Education on 13 July to discuss with Greek authorities and social partners the common work in the frame of the thematic country review (TCR) on apprenticeships in the country. Cedefop’s contribution in two more areas of cooperation (hellenic qualifications framework and skills needs diagnosis) was also discussed in the meeting.

The main features of the methodological framework developed by Cedefop for the project on thematic country reviews on apprenticeships were presented. Participants reiterated the need for a definition at political level of the envisaged format and extent of apprenticeship provision in Greece, which would in turn set the scope of cooperation in the context of the TCR for Greece.

A steering group comprising representatives from the two Ministries, competent authorities and social partners will push this issue forward and pave the way for a launching event of the TCR project in September. The launching event would involve a wide array of national stakeholders and would further elaborate on cooperation and main policy challenges regarding apprenticeships in Greece.

Cedefop will contribute to the setting up of a coherent framework for apprenticeships at national level by supporting the identification of its objectives and main features. The TCR project would then lead to specific policy recommendations to be fed into the national framework.

The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Education. Participants included representatives of the Ministry of Labour, the Public Employment Office (OAED), the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) and the Institute for Employment and Human Resources (EIEAD). There were also representatives from the main social partners’ organisations, i.e. four employers’ associations (SEV, GSEEVE, ESEE, SEPE) and the employees' association (GSEE).

Cedefop was represented by Loukas Zahilas, Head of Department for VET Systems and Institutions, Ilias Livanos (expert) and Vlasis Korovilos (assistant).

Similar apprenticeship review events were held in Italy on 6 July and in Slovenia in June.