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Malta - new MCAST structure to benefit students

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Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) has launched a new logo and corporate identity to reflect developments in its organisational structure.

These developments will enable it to grow and strengthen all areas of its wide-ranging remit:

  • providing level 1 and 2 foundation programmes for students who may have left formal schooling without qualifications, to help them to achieve level 3 vocational qualifications and possibly more;
  • providing level 4 courses to students who may wish to enter employment at technician level or who may aspire to continue their studies at a higher degree level;
  • courses at level 5 and 6 in which students aim to achieve a first degree.

One college

MCAST will remain one organisation incorporating all levels (level 1 to 6), and emphasising the possibility of one continuous and strong pathway between the different levels. MCAST will introduce three colleges under the MCAST umbrella: foundation college, technical college and university college.

Foundation college

The foundation college provides high quality curricula and learning pedagogies for candidates following courses at MQF/EQF levels 1, 2 and 3 and addresses their specific needs to prepare them for further education at the technical college.

Technical college

The technical college provides further study at MQF/EQF level 4 in cooperation with industry. Advanced diploma studies prepare students with adequate knowledge, skills and competences to take up technical positions within industry or progress to university college. Level 4 programmes incorporate apprenticeships in various fields of study, enabling students also to gain practical work experience while studying.

University college

The university college caters for higher education programmes and vocational degrees. It works closely with industry and provides professionals who are academically prepared and trained practically to satisfy needs of local industries.

MCAST institutes and centres provide technical and professional expertise for MCAST programmes, while their main aim is to drive forward all study areas under their responsibility with a future outlook.

The new corporate structure enables each college to develop focused strategies addressing student needs at each level, while maintaining a healthy dialogue with stakeholders to provide the best programmes for the needs of the local economy and society.

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