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Growing risk of social exclusion among early school leavers

OECD's latest results on early school leavers complement Cedefop's findings

Young people who leave school at 16 with low skills are facing increasing challenges in finding a job, and their chances may not improve even if the economy picks up, according to the recently published OECD report Society at a Glance 2016 .

Fighting early school leaving is essential, says the OECD. Governments must ensure that young people obtain at least an upper-secondary qualification so they can continue in education or gain vocational skills. Despite progress, one in six 25-34 year olds in OECD countries left school before upper secondary.

The report presents strategies to avert early school leaving and facilitate successful school-to-work transitions through high-quality vocational education.

Cedefop's Irene Psifidou says that this complements well Cedefop research findings where we show and prove how VET can prevent and remedy early leaving.

Cedefop two-volume publication Leaving education early: putting vocational education and training centre stage will be officially published next week.