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Enterprise surveys as a tool for identification of skill needs

21-22/6/2007, Bucharest, Romania

The workshop was coorganised by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop), within its network on early identification of skill needs Skillsnet, and by the National Labour Research Institute in Bucharest, with the support of Romanian Ministry of Education.

The main objectives of the workshop were to map existing surveys at European level with the view of their potential usage for skill needs analysis, to compare and discuss questions used in the enterprise surveys in EU Member States with the view of their potential comparability and compatibility, and to agree about future steps towards feasibility of a common approach to enterprise surveys to analyse skill needs at European cross-country level.

Conclusions from the workshop will be available in August 2007.



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List of participants

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Workshop objectives and introduction to the programme - Alena Zukersteinova

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Eurostat Job vacancy Statistics - Aurora Ortega Sanchez

EN66.53 KB

Eurostat Surveys (CVTS & Community innovation survey) - Katja Nestler

EN91.28 KB

Measuring recruitment difficulties in Europe (European PES Vacancy Monitor) and in France - Jean-Louis Zanda

EN41.82 KB

European establishment survey on working time and work-life balance (Eurofound) - Kasia Jurczak

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Plans for survey of EU enterprises by European Agency for Safety and Health at Work - William Cockburn

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Measuring generic work skills in the OECD’s new survey of adults skills (PIAAC) - Mark Keese

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UK skills monitoring surveys: lessons from a harmonisation project - Tony Dignan

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IZA International Employer Survey - Lutz Bellmann

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Romania: National enterprise surveys - Ana Zamfir

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Romania: Skills Audit Survey & Social impact of CVT - Lucian Voinea

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Finland: Experiences of Enterprise Surveys 1994-2007 - Marita Aho

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Germany: The IAB-Establishment Panel - Lutz Bellmann

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Greece: Business skills survey - Anastasia Charari

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Luxembourg: Enterprise surveys - Franz Clément

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Netherlands: Enterprise surveys - Jasper van Loo

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Portugal: Enterprise surveys - Maria do Ceu Godinho

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Slovakia: Identification of skill needs-first steps - Juraj Vantuch

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England: The National Employer Skills Survey (NESS) - David Swales

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Summary: comparison of country surveys - Olga Strietska-Ilina

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Overview of Eurostat enterprise surveys - Katja Nestler


Compilation of templates

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Workshop conclusions

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