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Thematic Conference on Partial Certification

The PACE-project is carried out by a European partnership that receives financial support from the Leonardo da Vinci Programme of the European Commission.
The primary goal of the project is to create adequate qualification opportunities for disadvantaged people (low level of education, early school leavers, people with disabilities, people in sheltered work environments). The project actively promotes equal chances for all and especially these groups on the labour market.

Activities and results include the following:

  • The design and development of partial certificates in vocational education and training; 
  • The development of guidelines for the design and accreditation of new partial certificates for the training and labour market.


The conference welcomes participants who share an interest in:

  • Innovation of vocational education and training
  • Developments on the labour market, at national en international level
  • The position of disadvantaged, lower educated job seekers on the labour market
  • European cooperation in these fields


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Den Bosch