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The European dimension to training tutors in enterprises-occupations in the fields of data processing and the new media

Themes addressed in the Agenda

Aim of the workshop:
To identify and describe common fields of work of training tutors in enterprises. The focus should be mainly on the organisation of in-company training and its methodological implementation, on the model of occupation surrounding data-processing.

  • BIBB The European dimension to training tutors in enterprises.
  • Centre INFFO The issue of training tutors in enterprises in Germany, Austria, Spain and France.
  • The issues of training tutors in enterprises, the example of large companies.
Structuring assistance:
  • Brief survey of in-company training places in private companies.
  • Influence of tele-teaching on instructing teachers and trainers of vocational training.


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08/10/1998 to 09/10/1998
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Berlin, Germany