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Title Country Focus area Policy area Skills matching focus Use of labour market intelligence
AMS Standing Committee on New Skills AT
Implacement labour foundation AT
PES Skills Barometer AT
Competent based matching BE
Employment and Trade/Professions Directory BE
List of professions with worker shortages BE
Local 'Basin' Authority for Qualifying Education, Training and Employment BE
Online Courses BE
Promising Professions BE BE
‘Youth Employment’ BG
Analyses and Forecasts for the Labour Market Development in Bulgaria Web Portal BG
Development of a Workforce Competence Assessment System by Sectors and Regions (CASSY) BG
Employer Survey on Skill Needs BG
Flexible employment and training opportunities in companies with varying activity intensity BG
National Reference Framework website. BG
Croatian Qualifications Framework (CROQF) Web portal HR
Communication Network with Employers for Technical Occupations’ platform CY
HRDA Scheme for Job Placement and Training of Tertiary-Education Graduates CY
Scheme for the Training of the Long-term Unemployed in Enterprises/Organisations CY
Scheme for the Vocational Training of the Unemployed in Organisations of the Public and broader Public sector, Local Government Authorities, Non-Governmental Organisations and Non-Profit Institutions CY
System of vocational Qualifications (SVQ) CY
Compass (skills anticipation system) CZ
Education and Work CZ
Sector Councils CZ
Continuing training and education committees DK
Labour Market Balance DK
The Regional Labour Market Councils (RAR) DK
Trade committees and local committees DK
Choose IT! EE
Occupational barometer EE
OSKA -System of labour market monitoring and future skills forecasting EE
Common competence and training needs cards FI
National foresight Network FI
Occupational Barometer FI
The Competence Foresight Forum (OEF) FI
Anticipation for jobs and occupations FR
Investing in competences 2018-2022 FR
Personal Training Account FR
Immigration monitoring instrument DE
Occupation Information Net DE
PROSIMA apprenticeship market model DE
Qualification and Occupational Fields Projections DE
Qualification Opportunities Act DE
Skilled Worker Shortage Analysis DE
Skilled workforce bottleneck monitor DE
Updating VET Training Contents DE
Diagnosis, monitoring and analysis of developments and medium-term changes in skills in jobs/specialities GR
Mechanism for Labour Market Diagnosis GR
Sectoral and occupational foresight mechanism (Foresight Lab) GR
Social Partners' interventions for skills' foresight in the framework of the Mechanism for Labour Market Diagnosis. GR
Integrated Higher Education Graduate Tracking Database HU
Sector skills councils HU
Skillnet IE
Skills To Advance. IE
Skills to Compete IE
The Springboard+ IE
Excelsior Employment and Training Information System IT
Long-term Directive on Vocational Training aimed at Reducing Unemployment (Labour Market, 2018-2021, Piedmont Region) IT
Permanent National Information System for occupational needs IT
Medium and Long-term Labour Market Forecasts LV
Short-term labour market forecasts LV
Employment opportunities barometer LT
The Occupation Map LT
Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition LU
Young Talents LU
Construction Industry Skill Card MT
Investing in Skills MT
National Skills Council MT
Skills Development Scheme MT
Training Pays Scheme MT
Youth Guarantee 2.0 MT
Job opportunity NL
Labour Market Information System NL
Pact for the technical sector NL
Programme labour market healthcare and welfare NL
Tension indicator NL
Labour Market Observatory for Education PL
Labour Market Observatory of Lubelskie PL
Pomeranian Labour Market Observatory PL
National Initiative in Digital Skills e.2030 PT
Qualification Needs Anticipation System PT
Sectoral Councils for Qualifications PT
Vocational Courses PT
Partnership analysis and labour market forecasting system with continuing adaptation to economic dynamics RO
A list of fields of study in an oversupply at the labour market and a list of fields of study in an undersupply in the labour market SK
Education of job seekers - 2 and Education of young job seekers - 2 SK
Forecasting of Developments of Labour Market Needs SK
National programme for the development of education (NPDE) SK
National project: Dual education and increasing the attractiveness and quality of VET SK
Competence centres for HR development 2019-2022 SI
Foundation for Employees Trainings SI
Increasing effective coordination of supply and demand in the labour market SI
INCUAL (National Qualifications Institute) ES
National Reference Centres for VET ES
Observatory of Occupations of the Central PES ES
Sectoral Joint Committees ES
State Foundation for Training for Employment FUNDAE ES
Regional analysis- and forecastsystem (RAPS) SE
Regional Skills Platforms SE
The Occupational Compass SE
The occupations and occupational areas SE