In this project Cedefop monitors and analyses progress towards achieving targets in vocational education and training (VET) that have been agreed within the process of cooperation in VET since 2002 (known as Copenhagen process). The priorities of this cooperation were agreed by the European Commission, EU Member States, candidate countries and social partners.

Cedefop’s reports show how these objectives have been implemented in EU Member States and candidate countries:

Synthesis reports 2018 and 2020 reflecting developments of the policy cycle 2015-2020 (Riga conclusions) take into account individual country challenges and policy priorities providing country specific reports on national VET policy developments.

The aim of the project is to:

  • support VET policy development and implementation in Europe;
  • help to improve mutual understanding and common learning in Europe.

To collect the most recent information, Cedefop organises surveys addressed to ReferNet and collects information from the Directors General for Vocational Education and Training, the social partner and government representatives in the Advisory Committee for Vocational Training and from Member States and social partners represented in the EU-level working groups on the implementation of the EU tools.

ReferNet’s contribution takes the form of in depth information on policy developments and trends from the point of view of individual countries. The answers of the network to Cedefop’s questionnaires help illustrate the developments in each country and are the basis for cross-country analyses of trends. The findings of the policy monitoring work are regularly discussed with policy makers, social partners and other stakeholders during their meetings and at Cedefop events.

Cedefop and ETF joint virtual conference Enhancing European cooperation in VET – Looking back planning ahead held on 30 June and 1 July discussed findings from the policy cycle 2015-2020 and key challenges for VET in the future.

Contact Details: Cedefop VET Policies and Systems team