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Spain: training and apprenticeships contracts

The Labour Reform Act recently approved in Spain includes among its new measures regulation of training and apprenticeships contracts. The aim of this type of contracts is for workers to acquire professional qualifications in the framework of Spanish VET and in alternation with employment in a company.

These contracts may be signed with workers over 16 and under 25, although this upper limit is extended to 30 years of age while the unemployment rate is over 15%. The age limit does not apply to groups subject to social exclusion. The minimum duration of contracts is one year with a maximum of three years. The duration limit does not apply to contracts signed with students taking part in employment-training projects.
Workers must receive the training intrinsic to the training and learning contract at a training centre approved by the national employment system. However, they can also receive this training at the workplace if the company has the necessary facilities and personnel, even though there may be a need, as appropriate, for supplementary periods of training at the above-mentioned centres.

Work carried out by workers at a company must be related to the training activities. Evidence of the training delivered must be provided for in the terms of the contract and when it comes to an end.
The professional qualification or skill acquired through the contract will receive accreditation under the terms of the law on qualifications and vocational training. In accordance with the terms of its regulations, workers may apply for a corresponding certificate of qualification or vocational training title or, if appropriate, accumulate partial accreditation of the qualification.

The training that workers receive throughout their careers in accordance with the catalogue of professional qualifications and the Spanish qualifications framework for higher education is entered into a training account linked to the individual’s social security number; entries will be made by the public employment services.
Companies that hire unemployed people, registered as job-seekers under a training and apprenticeship contract, are entitled to reductions in company contributions to social security and other funds.

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