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Slovenia – National Qualifications Framework developments

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The main purpose of the Slovenian qualifications framework (SQF) is to integrate and harmonise the qualifications subsystems and enhance transparency, accessibility, progress and quality of qualifications in relation to the labour market and civil society.

In January 2010, a national steering committee for referencing NQF levels to the EQF was appointed by the Government. It was composed of representatives of the above-mentioned Ministries and the following institutions:  the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, the Association of Employers in Small business and Craft, the Slovenian Association of Free Trade Unions, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia and the Student Organisation of Slovenia. Expertise and administrative support is provided by the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for VET (CPI). CPI has also been nominated as the National Coordination Point for the EQF in Slovenia.

A proposal for a single comprehensive SQF was developed by the National Steering Committee for SQF and the expert group (appointed by the Steering Committee) in April 2011. The proposal took into account the specifically national characteristics of the Slovenian education system and labour market. In accordance with EQF guidelines, the SQF strives to ensure the transparency of qualification systems in Slovenia, taking into account the national context and the Education and Training Classification System (KLASIUS). It comprises 10 levels and relies on the concept of educational activities and learning outcomes, in line with its central philosophy, i.e. the communicative nature of the qualifications tool. The SQF includes qualifications from VET, higher education, general education and adult education. It also includes national vocational qualifications that supplement formalised forms of education and training. Thus, the SQF links the vocational education system with the national vocational qualification system and the recognition of non-formally and informally acquired knowledge.

The proposal underwent a broad and inclusive consultation process with all relevant stakeholders from the education and labour market in spring 2011. In 2011/12 the National Steering Committee for SQF will prepare the Report on the referencing of SQF to the EQF. Slovenia intends to present and explain the report before the European Commission in autumn 2012. CPI and the social partners also intend to develop sectoral qualification tools that will allow more detailed organisation of qualifications by level.

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