Within the framework of the ongoing Cedefop project 'Governance of skills anticipation and matching: supporting EU countries', a final validation meeting was organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Social Insurance and Social Affairs of the Hellenic Republic.

The final meeting provided an overview of the main findings of the country review, carried out between early 2017-mid 2019, to key national stakeholders/Ministerial officials and members of a National Steering Committee that oversaw project development throughout the duration of the project.

In particular, the meeting aimed to meet the following objectives:

  • Disseminate and discuss the main findings of the Cedefop project, obtained via an initial background/scoping exercise with key national stakeholders, two in-depth stakeholder interview rounds, an online survey and a dedicated consensus-building exercise;
  • Discuss and validate the main areas of consensus obtained via a dedicated (8-month long) national Delphi-type exercise, which sought to strike agreement among key stakeholders in the development of a ‘national policy roadmap’. The roadmap may be used to overcome key issues and challenges affecting skills anticipation and matching governance in Greece;
  • Present to national stakeholders the main findings from a large-scale online survey among Greek stakeholders, carried out jointly by Cedefop and the National Institute for Labour and Human Resources, which focused on the users’ experience in navigating the newly developed online portal of the Greek Mechanism of Labour Market Diagnosis;
  • Present to national stakeholders Cedefop’s newly developed ‘Matching Skills’ online information tool, which showcases a collection of policy instruments from EU Member States that use information on labour market trends and anticipated skill needs to inform and shape upskilling or other skills matching policies for the current/future world of work.

This event was restricted to invited participants.

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Konstantinos Pouliakas
Stelina Chatzichristou