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Fostering partnerships for continuing training: Cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises

New approaches to adult learning, both for enterprises and for learners, and closer cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises are necessary to stimulate learning and to foster excellence in and through continuing vocational training (CVET).

Cooperation between higher education and enterprises in CVET offers many benefits for all parties, but studies show that the extent to which it is used varies between countries. While cooperation in form of special learning alliances and tailored programmes in CVET seems comparatively widely practiced in some countries, it remains exceptional in others. Generally, cooperation between higher education and enterprises is mostly promoted and taking place in  research, development and innovation. Cooperation in education is much less practiced, especially when it goes beyond initial higher education and comes to continuing education and training, for example systematically linking work-based learning in enterprises with learning at higher education institutions.
The workshop will provide a platform for key experts to share experience and results of previous and on-going research and activities, and to discuss ways forward. Among the issues that will be discussed are:

  • Which forms/models of cooperation exist in Europe, and what are their key features? E.g.: types of programmes, types of alliances, degree of cooperation (regarding content, joint implementation, etc.)?
  • In how far do approaches explicitly link learning in enterprises to learning in higher education? What is the role of work-based learning?
  • What are barriers and drivers for cooperation?
  • What are future developments and challenges? How to deal with them?


Background paper - Fostering partnerships for continuing training

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Agenda - Fostering partnerships for continuing training

EN42.24 KB

Workshop summary - Fostering partnerships for continuing training

EN93.33 KB

Introduction to workshop - presentation by Alexandra Dehmel, Cedefop

EN599.43 KB

Cooperation between higher education and industry for CVET: examples, drivers and challenges - presentation by Victoria Galan-Muros

EN3.41 MB

Short introduction to work based learning in higher education in the UK - presentation by Jon Talbot

EN197.96 KB

Continuing higher education and work linked training in France - presentation by Isabelle Borras

EN529.23 KB

How higher education institutions can engage with enterprises to develop flexible work-based curricula - presentation by Carol Costly

EN1.13 MB

Cooperation between higher education and enterprises in the field of continuous professional development: Examples from UC Leuven-Limburg - presentation by Hilde Bottu

EN555.6 KB

Fostering cooperative and work integrated learning in continuing professional development: the role of network - presentation by Kristina Johansson

EN954.42 KB

Crowd-foster partnerships in CVET - presentation by Raphael Moraglia

EN821.79 KB

Placing Development of Learners’ Competencies to the Context of University-Business Cooperation: Selected Findings from Three European Projects - presentation by Samo Pavlin

EN1.05 MB

Higher VET in the EU, with a focus on CVET: Outcomes from a European Study - presentation by Maria Todorova

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Principles of Professional Higher Education in Europe: Integration with the World of Work - presentation by Michal Karpisek

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11/02/2016 to 12/02/2016
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Alexandra Dehmel
Project Manager
Tel. +30-2310 490 123