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Distance Learning and Web Engineering

5th WSEAS International Conference

The main topics of the conference will be:

Web-based Education, Virtual school, Intelligent teachers, Intelligent communications, Intelligent mobile networks, Intelligent algorithms, Web examinations, Web voting, Web banking, E-democracy, E-commerce, E-health services, Protocols, High performance languages, Performance Evaluation, Routing, Broadband networks, Distributed multimedia, ATM networks, Satellite-based ATM, Interworking, PNNI, I-PNNI, QS routing, Traffic engineeringIP/ATM integration: MPLS, MPOA, IP multicasting and IPv6, TCP over ATM, QoS and CoS, Reliability aspects, Privacy issues, Distributed computing and distributed data bases, Pricing and economic analysis of web-based systems, Social and cultural impact of modern communications.

Event Details

23/08/2005 to 25/08/2005
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Corfu Island
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Event Contacts

Judy Potter and Vivienne Sander
RWL4 Secretariat