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Work-based learning and lifelong guidance policies



This concept note discusses the relationship between lifelong guidance and work-based learning, arguing that lifelong guidance can support individuals in transition from work-based learning to sustainable employment.

More analytically, this Concept Note is designed to provide paolicymakers and stakeholders across Europe with an understanding of the key concepts underpinning the relationship between work-based learning and lifelong guidance. The note suggests that lifelong guidance policies reinforce policy goals for workbased learning. Quality lifelong guidance practices support positive work-based learning experiences and contribute to the fulfilment of the different skills agendas of the European Union. In this Concept Note: i. The first and second parts describe the conceptual links between guidance and workbased learning and the policy underpinnings. ii. The second part outlines work-based learning forms across the member countries. iii. The third and final parts discuss the role of lifelong guidance as a service, policy and system to foster better and stronger outcomes at the policy and system level from workbased learning. iv. The final section develops possible future cooperation opportunities between national/ regional lifelong guidance systems and systems of national work-based learning. 

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Work-based learning and lifelong guidance policies