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SUCCESS: An educational accompaniment programme in Barcelona to reduce ELET

Good practice


A reinforcement programme in Barcelona to reduce early leaving from education and training (ELET) by providing assistance to students from tutors and older student mentors.


Primary and secondary education students with problems in following the group class academic rhythm and at risk of leaving education early.


Education level and sector

Lower secondary

Type of policy/initiative



Level of implementation / Scope

Local level

Stage of implementation

September 2018-August 2019 (since 2001).

Aims of policy/initiative

To reduce ELET by educational accompaniment after school and during summer vacation for students at serious risk of not transitioning to the ESO Grade (Upper secondary education), to reduce inequalities, enhance the academic results and expectations, and to fight against school failure. The tutors are older friends (university students who get a grant to help a small group of younger students).

Features and types of activities implemented

Afterschool assistance to students at risk of not transitioning to upper secondary education. The assistance is provided by older student mentors at an institute affiliated with a number of schools in Barcelona.

There are four types of programmes:

  • “PROGRAMA ÈXIT 1”: From 10 to 13 years old

5th & 6th courses of primary schools

1st & 2nd courses of secondary education schools

  • “PROGRAMA ÈXIT 3”: From 14 to 16 years old

3rd & 4th courses of secondary education schools

  • 43 state high schools
  • 105 state primary schools
  • 1,860 students
  • Two afternoons a week (1h 30min each session)
  • Groups of 10 students (from 10 to 16 years old)



50 state secondary schools and 14 semi-private schools

2,259 students from secondary schools


CEB and the Municipality have dedicated EUR 534,000 during the 2017-2018 academic year. The human resources dedicated to this programme are the staff responsible for this program (CEB) and the 387 grants for the “elderly friends”, the higher education students who “teach” the primary and secondary students who attend the “PROGRAMA ÈXIT.

Evaluation of the measure

An external and public institution (IVÀLUA) is in charge of the evaluation of the program ÈXIT ESTIU (“SUCCESS SUMMER”), and the results of the evaluation are available here:

Some of these results conclude that “SUCCESS SUMMER” has a significant impact in helping students pass some subjects and also in increasing the chances of obtaining the GESO (the compulsory secondary education certificate).

The PROGRAMA ÈXIT (“SUCCES PROGRAM”) has been evaluated for the first time in 2017-2018, and the outcomes have not been published yet.

Evidence of effectiveness of the measure

This initiative, together with other initiatives implemented by the CEB for secondary students with a high risk of leaving education and training without the grade of ESO, has had a positive impact on reducing early leaving from education and training. The ELET rate in Barcelona (10.3%) is much lower than the rate in Cataluña (22.1%) and this in Spain (21.9%).

As it is shown in the outcomes from IVÀLUA’s evaluation, participation in PROGRAMA ÈXIT (“SUCCESS PROGRAM”) has a significant impact on students’ academic performance.

Success factors

For the younger students:

  • Improve basic competences
  • Emotional closeness enhances improvement
  • Updated knowledge helps class understanding and progression
  • Offering equal opportunities to every student regardless of their social background enhaces equity

For the older friends:

  • Benefit from professional tutoring experience which is certified

Get a financial grant to help with their studies

Contact details for further information

935511000 ext. 6888

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