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Road Map: Education and career guidance for second chances

Good practice


Personalised education guidance for new opportunities in municipal schools of adult education.


Students at municipal adult schools willing to access VET or further education.


Education level and sector

Adult learning

Type of policy/initiative



Level of implementation / Scope


Stage of implementation

Since 2014 (4th edition implemented in years 2018-2019).

Aims of policy/initiative

  • The Road Map’s main goal is to offer guidance services to enable people who have left education to re-enter the education system.
  • It aims to return these students to the education system promoting the continuity of the formative career.
  • Providing education and career guidance resources to municipal adult schools and the city council in terms of technical support (expert assessment) to provide guidance services and follow-up their students as well as to develop local policies on second chances.
  • Providing guidance activities (workshops, interviews and counselling) to the students in municipal adult schools is meant to motivate students to complete their current course and to continue their education afterwards.

Features and types of activities implemented

The project is characterised by the periodical visit of an educational and professional counsellor at the municipal adult school.

The counsellor carries out individual activities with the student:

  • personalised advice, and
  • developing personal plans of formative and professional continuity.

The counsellor also carries out group activities on:

  • the decision-making process,
  • key competences in work environments,
  • the sharing of experiences from former students with similar experiences,
  • and study techniques.


The team consists of five counsellors who carry out the activities in 24 municipal adult schools in the province of Barcelona.

In the 2017-2018 (4th edition), the Barcelona Provincial Council allocated EUR 55,000 to the project. The costs cover the time dedicated by the five counsellors and coordination of the guidance activities with the schools and the city councils that participate in the programme.

Evaluation of the measure

The project is evaluated every year. The last evaluation data corresponds to the 3rd edition of the project (2016-2017 academic year). This evaluation showed reduction of the early-school leaving rate and re-engagement in education through enrolment in VET.

Evidence of effectiveness of the measure

Data based on the 3rd edition of the initiative implemented in academic year 2016-2017 shows that participating students versus non-participating students in the project:

  • completed and passed the course to access VET more frequently (88% versus 65%)
  • reengaged in education by registering for VET more frequently (92.2% versus 84.6%). An excellent overall satisfaction among the students that participate in the initiative of 8.6 points out of 10.

Success factors

  • The “Road Map” is a complementary action to second chance policies foreseen in the framework of the Network of Municipal Adult Schools.
  • Local policy makers, adult school teachers and guidance practitioners are involved in developing the project.

This initiative is part of an overall local lifelong guidance policy strategy to reduce ESL in the Barcelona province that includes prevention, intervention and compensation measures.

Contact details for further information

Ana Alós & Mireia Martínez

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