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ePortfolio for Your Future (ePortfolio 4YF)



The ePortfolio for Your Future (ePortfolio 4YF) project combines an innovative multimedia self-assessment tool (‘self-discovery game’) and an ePortfolio to prepare students to overcome the mismatch between education and work.


Young people and guidance counsellors. Educational level not specified but assumed to be upper secondary education. 

Country/ies or organisation that developed the tool

Bulgaria, Austria and Ireland. Results will also be presented in Liechtenstein (country of the transferred project).

Purpose of the toolkit

Guidance on best practices (to improve the design of policies and practices)

The main goal of ’ePortfolio for Your Future’ (ePortfolio 4YF) is to assist guidance counsellors in making students aware of their competencies and skills in order for them to take the right decision for further education or their professional development. The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • provide guidance counsellors with an innovative web-based tool to support them in identifying students at risk of early school leaving (students’ personal ePorfolios)
  • develop a methodology for guidance counsellors, for them to help students develop and maintain an ePortfolio
  • enable students to identify their skills and competences through an attractive and amusing self-discovery eGame (’4YF’)
  • train guidance counsellors from 4 countries (Bulgaria, Austria, Ireland and Liechtenstein) in ePortfolio development and use
  • provide key stakeholders with a comprehensive interactive self-assessment and reflection tool that reduces mismatches between students’ education and occupational realisation

Description of each of the tools

This is an interactive self-assessment and reflection tool that explores and compares the students’ personal inclinations with the requirements of various occupations. This includes the ePortfolio - a digital collection of the students’ meaningful works.

‘ePortfolio for Your Future’ combines an innovative multimedia self-assessment tool (self-discovery eGame) and an ePortfolio, to help students overcoming mismatches between their education and work. A system to identifying potential early school leavers has also been developed as part of the project, in the form of a motivation test/game (see description below).

Type of indicators used in the identification of learners at risk of early leaving

There is no information on how the motivational test (for identifying and assessing risk of early school leaving) and competences tests were designed (e.g. on the indicators used). Registration is needed in order to access the tools.

According to the information on the website, the motivation test/game can be used to identify students at risk. Students have to answer some questions on their habits (e.g. do you practice sports on a regular basis?) and receive results. However, no information on the indicators is provided. One needs to register to access the test/game and more detailed information.

Type of guidance given to users

‘ePortfolio for Your Future’ (eGame based environment) consists of 3 key elements that complement one another, building a comprehensive training tool:

  • 2 Interactive self-assessment tools to identify students’ competencies and motivation in the form of web-based games.  
  • A student ePortfolio authoring tool. According to the information on the website, the ePortfolio is a planning guide and a depository of accomplishments for the students. One of the ambitions of the project is for the ePortfolio to be used by employers when recruiting (similarly to LinkedIn).
  • An ‘ePortfolio for Your Future’ manual, providing methodological support and useful tips to guidance counsellors on how to use the ePortfolio 4YF environment in their work with students. Various manuals are available under the ‘resources’ section of the website.

Registration is needed in order to access the tools.

Source of information of the different tools

Partners of the LLP project

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ePortfolio for Your Future (ePortfolio 4YF)