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Supportive family environment

Protective factor


Family support is a key factor for young people’s engagement in education. The extent to which education is valued in the family is reflected in young people’s educational aspirations, or lack thereof. Lack of parental support in educational activities negatively affects educational achievement and is associated to absenteeism.

If parents have a negative image of VET they are likely to communicate this to their children and guide them towards general education, even though this may not be the best option for them. This causes young people to feel reluctant to enrol in VET as a first option. Those who drop out from general education due to poor academic performance and enroll in VET perceive it as a failure. As a result, they do not engage in the programme positively and are more likely to drop out.

It is important to inform parents about the education choices available for their children, and to give them tools to support the choices of their children in their education.

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