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The Netherlands - Teaching 2020, a strong profession!

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The Dutch government wishes to strengthen the quality of education in all sectors. During the first half of 2011, a number of action plans were issued which set out the course of the improvement programmes.

The action plan for upper secondary vocational education (MBO) is entitled Focus op Vakmanschap 2011-2015 (‘Focus on craftmanship’) and was published in January 2011. The plan directs efforts towards further professionalisation of staff teams in terms of skills-based education, career guidance, professional development (including ethics and professional culture), effective knowledge transfer and developing the professional identity of students.

The government will also make agreements with regard to leadership training programmes which give attention to personal competences and development, as well as the teams’ understanding of both the subject matter and the external context (team learning, practical training and apprenticeships), in order to strengthen middle management.

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