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ECVET pilot project - setting the basis for cooperation

This is the first seminar of a series of eight  interactive experience-sharing seminars for the period 2009-2011.

The objectives of the first seminar are: -

  • To stimulate cooperation among projects by making sure they know each other and understand the way other projects are using ECVET in their areas.
  • To inform projects about the way ECVET progressive implementation is foreseen and to highlight where they fit in this picture and why is their role crucial.
  • To present the cooperation arrangements foreseen and to discuss wishes and needs regarding exchange and information sharing.
  • To agree on concrete themes to be addressed in 2009 and the work programme to be followed during the upcoming months.

The remaining seven seminars will each time treat a concrete theme and will lead to series of messages, good practices and lessons that will be disseminated beyond the circle of seminar participants.

Ms Isabelle LE MOUILLOUR, project manager at Cedefop will participate




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23/04/2009 to 24/04/2009
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