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2nd International workshop on Curriculum Innovation and Reform:

An inclusive view to curriculum change

The workshop will provide an opportunity for policy makers, researchers and practitioners coming from 25 European countries and different International Organisations (e.g. the European Commission, the European Training Foundation, Eurydice, UNESCO-IBE, the World Bank, OECD, etc.) to reflect on how outcome-oriented approaches to curricula may promote or hinder learner-centeredness and inclusiveness in teaching and learning processes.

Participants will examine the implications of current developments in curriculum policies and practices in four levels:

  • The design of curriculum
  • The delivery of curriculum in different learning environments
  • The way learners are assessed, and
  • The benefits for learners

The outcomes of the workshop will support the shaping and implementation of national curriculum policies and will suggest new lines for future research.

The workshop will be carried out based on an interactive approach (world café) allowing participants to share experience and brainstorm on the various issues.

Participation to this event is restricted by invitation only.

Please visit the Workshop website for more information 

Cedefop project manager responsible for this event
Ms Irene Psifidou



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20/01/2011 to 21/01/2011
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Thessaloniki - Cedefop
Invitation only