About Italy

Italy is among those Member States in which the manufacturing sector - associated with the production of niche and luxury products - still makes up a considerable share of its economy, particularly in the north and centre of the country. The economy is characterised by a marked north-south divide, with GDP per head being much higher in the northern regions.

Italy has mostly recovered from economic recession. Unemployment rate is decreasing, but manufacturing is still expected to lose jobs in the period of 2020-2030. The employment growth will be driven by administrative services, accomodation & food and wholesale & retail trade, with hospitality & retail managers, construction workers and office associate professionals being the fastest growing occupations. More than half of total job openings (including replacements for vacated jobs) till 2030 will require high-level qualifications but job opportunities for people with medium qualifications will still be ample.

VET System in Italy

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