European Inventory on validation of non-formal and informal learning

The European inventory on validation of non-formal and informal learning is a regularly updated overview of validation practices and arrangements across Europe. It is compiled in cooperation with the European Commission and ETF. The inventory was endorsed by the Council recommendation of 2012 on validation and works together with the European guidelines as a tool to support countries in developing and implementing validation arrangements.

A rich source of information, the inventory informs dialogue and learning between countries and stakeholders developing and implementing validation in Europe. Our key objective is to support Member States so that more learners and workers can acquire and make visible new skills, which will support their career and further learning and improve their quality of life.

The 2018 update of the inventory is a unique record of how validation is being used nationally, regionally and locally across Europe. It contains the state of play and an overview of developments for 36 countries, illustrated by good practice examples. You will also find thematic reports on key issues in designing and implementing validation initiatives, plus three international case studies. The inventory is the result of a three-year process based on the work of a large network of national experts, extensive review of documents, and interviews with key stakeholders.

Contact Details: Ernesto Villalba-Garcia

Synthesis reports

Final synthesis report                      Final synthesis report

Country reports, EU Member States

Austria Austria

Finland  Finland

Luxembourg Luxembourg

Belgium (FR) Belgium (FR)

France France


Belgium (NL) Belgium (NL)

Germany Germany

Netherlands  Netherlands

Bulgaria Bulgaria

Greece Greece

Poland  Poland

Croatia  Croatia

Hungary  Hungary

Portugal Portugal

Cyprus Cyprus

Ireland  Ireland

Romania  Romania

Czech Republic Czechia

Italy  Italy

Slovakia  Slovakia

Denmark  Denmark

Latvia  Latvia

Slovenia Slovenia

Estonia  Estonia

Lithuania Lithuania

Spain  Spain

    Sweden  Sweden


Other countries

Iceland Iceland

Switzerland Switzerland

United Kingdom (Wales) UK-Wales

Iiechtenstein Liechtenstein

United Kingdom (England and Northern Ireland) UK-England and Norther Ireland


Norway  Norway

United Kingdom (Scotland) UK-Scotland


Country Reports compiled by ETF

 Kosovo North Macedonia  
Montenegro Turkey  Turkey  

Thematic reports

       Validation and open educational resources 

Bridging the gap                              Digital forms of assessment



Social partners involvement            Validation for migrants/refugees  


Validation and upskilling pathways

Case studies