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Cedefop's response to the coronavirus crisis: reporting on labour market disruption

Immediate crisis response - Reporting on labour market disruption

Cedefop responded to the coronavirus pandemic, adapting to the pressing needs of an unprecedented emergency and managing to deliver the added value that is expected when it is most needed.

Cedefop’s timely reporting on the effects of the coronavirus crisis on the labour market allowed policy-makers to learn from best practice around Europe, helping them design policies to tackle labour market and social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tackling labour market and social consequences of coronavirus: learning from best practice

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Coronavirus and the European job market: developments between the first and second wave

Coronavirus: learning the lessons – preparing for the future

Tourism at a crossroads: skills and jobs demand in the coronavirus era

EU jobs at highest risk of Covid-19 social distancing

Coronavirus pandemic leads to fall in Europass CVs generated

Cedefop regularly produces coronavirus-related content.
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