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Agora Thessaloniki XXVI - Building a European VET area

Conference outcomes

The Agora Thessaloniki XXVI Building a European VET area was held on 26-27 April 2007 as Cedefops follow-up event to the Helsinki Communiqu. The conference was organised jointly with the German Presidency and was attended by more than 140 participants: policy makers, researchers, social partners and practitioners from across Europe, with Commissioner Jn Figel summing up the event. The aim of Agora was to assess the progress made in implementing the Copenhagen - Maastricht priorities as well as consider further actions.


Closing speech: Jαn Figel

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Round table: VET contributing to competitiveness and enhancing social cohesion, Jorma Karppinen

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Keynote speech: Polarisation of skills and jobs?, Manfred Tessaring

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Keynote speech: ESF and the European Employment Stategy, Lenia Samuel

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2nd day. Opening speech: Fernando Medina

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- Skill shortages, Olga Strietska-Ilina

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- European skills for the 21st century, Rob Wilson

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Workshop 3: Delivering the right skills for working life: demographic and labour market changes

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- Lifelong learning and older workers, Tarja Tikkanen

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- International comparisons of qualifications: skills audit updating, Hilary Steedman

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Workshop 2: Active ageing and active inclusion: using VET to tap and develop the potential of older workers, migrants and the low skilled

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- Fiscal efficiency and vocational education in the EU 8 countries, Michael Mertaugh

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- Public policies for financing workers training, Andrea Montanino

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- Efficiency and equity of VET, David-Pascal Dion

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- Measuring and comparing human capital, Philipp Schuller

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Workshop 1. Investment in human capital: financing education and training, efficiency and equity, costs and benefits

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Keynote speech: Towards a European VET area, Aviana Bulgarelli

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Keynote speech: Lifelong learning for Europe, David White


1st day. Opening speech. Andreas Storm

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Agora outcomes

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Agora outcomes_Flyer

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