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Feasibility study for real time LMI

(validation and expert workshop)

The workshop aims at validating the prototype for gathering information from online vacancies and their usability for skills analysis.

The final meeting of the project AO/RPA/VKVET-NSOFRO/Real-time LMI/010/14 will be dedicated to presentation and validation of working prototype of the system obtaining labour market information on skill requirements from online sources. The methodology and initial results will be validated by leading experts in the field and key stakeholders. Following discussion will enable Cedefop to shape further research and utilisation of this tools and results.


Workshop Agenda

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List of participants

Real Time Labour Market Information _ CRISP

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Real time labour market information _ CRISP Mezzanzanica and Cesarini

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Real-time labour market information: Skills requirements analysis _ CRISP

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VICTORY: Vacancies for ICT - Online RepositorY _ Mateus

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LMI in Austria: The Skills Barometer - accomplishments & challenges _ Plaimauer

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Analysing labour demand and supply using web mining and data mining - A case study on Romanian labour market _ Brandas and Panzaru

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Limitations of using vacancy data - An overview _ Lenaerts

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30/11/2015 to 01/12/2015
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