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Apprenticeship: governance modes and financing approaches

The objective of the workshop was to gain better understanding of governance modes and financing approaches in apprenticeship across countries. The participants were invited to discuss the methods for evaluating the governance and financing arrangements, identify success factors and challenges, and explore the conditions to expand apprenticeship.

The workshop brought together researchers and experts in the field, mainly from the countries with well-established (and researched) apprenticeship system - Austria, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and UK - and also the representatives of the European Commission and the ETF. The participants sought to answer the following questions:


  • What are the criteria for well-performing/modern apprenticeship system?
  • What are countries’ models of governance and financing of apprenticeship and how these (may) affect the performance of apprenticeship system?
  • What are the conceptual frameworks and possible methods for assessing governance and financing of apprenticeship?
  • How to assist the countries in developing apprenticeship system? What are the lessons learned from the previous transfers of policy and practice?




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Background note

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List of participants

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Participants' short CVs

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01_Innovative apprenticeship_Felix Rauner

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02_Governance problems of apprenticeship training from the perspective of comparative political economy_Marius Busemeyer

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03_Conceptual considerations and possible criteria for evaluating governance modes of apprenticeship systems_Jorg Markowitsch

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04_Financing apprenticeship in European countries_Inigo Isusi

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05_Conceptual considerations in evaluating financing arrangements for high-performing apprenticeship systems_Mick Fletcher and Nicholas Fox

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06_Governance and financing of apprenticeships in Australia_Sandra Pattison

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07_Joint governance and financing of VET in Switzerland - advantages and challenges_Ursula Scharnhorst

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08_Governance and financing of apprenticeship in Denmark_Bruno Clematide

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09_Principles for - and possible problems associated with - expansion of apprenticeship systems_Erica Smith

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10_A model, not a blueprint - transferring the dual system_Clemens Wieland

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11_Apprenticeship in low- and middle-income countries - Ways for development_Helmut Zelloth

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20/05/2013 to 21/05/2013
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