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Mobility, an instrument for more and better jobs: The European Job Mobility Action Plan (2007-2010)

COM (2007) 0773, 6.12.2007

Labour market mobility either between jobs or between Member States or regions is an essential part of the Lisbon objectives. It is an important component of Europe's response to demographic change and globalisation.

This Communication aims to present a more integrated approach to worker mobility as a means both to create employment and to help individual personal development. It serves as a reminder that EU citizens have a fundamental right to move freely in the EEA for work purposes, and it encourages stakeholders to ensure that people are aware of this right and that they can exercise it under good conditions.

To better understand the mobility decision and the barriers facing an individual it is also important that the Commission further improves its factual knowledge of mobility, including EN 10 EN data collection. The Commission will also pay close attention to the labour mobility to meet its commitments and obligations resulting from the 2003 and 2005 Accession Treaties.

The Commission will monitor progress of the actions outlined in this Communication through studies and surveys conducted at European, national or regional level, and including Eurobarometer surveys on the evolution of citizens' attitudes and practices relating to job mobility. An interim report on the implementation of this Communication will be published in 2009.


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