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Cedefop’s network for the support of the VET toolkit for tackling early leaving

The network of “Ambassadors tackling early leaving from VET” was established in 2017 as a supporting network for Cedefop’s VET toolkit for tackling early leaving. Ambassadors are policy makers, learning providers, experts and other key stakeholders involved in tackling early leaving from VET at national, regional or local level in Europe.

Cedefop's expert network for lifelong guidance and career development

CareersNet (CNet) is Cedefop’s network of independent experts in lifelong career guidance and career development, managed within the Lifelong guidance project area, Department for learning and employability. The members of CareersNet are individuals with recognised expertise in the area of lifelong guidance and career development. They are selected based on a call for experts, subject to an evaluation process and are nominated by Cedefop’s management.

Cedefop community of apprenticeship experts aims at strengthening and expanding the knowledge on apprenticeships in Europe. The voluntary long-term collaboration of community experts amongst themselves and with Cedefop is expected to generate insights on national developments regarding apprenticeships, cover existing gaps in information retrieval from the countries in specific areas of concern and provide the knowledge base for comparative analysis.

The European community of learning providers was set up in February 2017 by Cedefop and six EU-lev­el VET associations: EfVET, EVBB, EVTA, EUCEN, EUproVET and EURASHE, in order to complement the Platform for European associations of VET providers created by DG EMPL in 2015 which provides policy advice to the EU Commission.

ReferNet is a network of institutions created by Cedefop in 2002 to provide information on national vocational education and training (VET) systems and policies in the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. Each national partner is a key organisation involved in VET in the country it represents. Therefore, all partners are particularly well- placed to offer first-hand information on VET’s role, purpose, governance and structure, insights into developments and trends in VET policies, and in-depth analysis of how each country is progressing in its implementation of common European policy objectives.

Cedefop's network of experts on skills analysis and forecasting

Skillsnet network welcomes researchers and experts active in early identification of skill needs and forecasting or in the transfer of research results on future skill requirements into policy and practice.

Skillsnet members can follow and be involved in Cedefop activities related to identification of skill needs (forecasting, various skills surveys, sectoral analysis, skills governance, skills mismatch research, etc.) and receive privileged access to information.