About Denmark

Health & social care, wholesale & retail trade and manufacturing constitute the largest sectors in Denmark, employing almost more than two fifths of the workforce. Denmark is also one of the leaders in green economy and despite of its size in contributes strongly to Europe’s food production. The country enjoys well performing labour market with high participation rates and low unemployment levels. Denmark has also a particularly high share of people who have completed tertiary education.

Looking to the future, both employment and working age population (15-64) should grow strongly till 2030. Most important contributors to the employment growth should be arts & recreation and professional services. Office professionals and legal & social associate professionals should create most new jobs. In total number of all job openings (including replacements for vacated jobs) till 2030, Denmark is expected to have higher share of those requiring high- but also low-level qualifications, indicating strongest job polarization in Europe. Only one in six job openings will be suitable for people with medium qualifications.

VET System in Denmark

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