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Monitoring absenteeism as an ‘early warning’ sign. The Flemish municipal project COACH

The municipal project ‘COACH’ implemented in the city of Hasselt in Flanders (Belgium), supports schools by providing them with data on truancy so schools can design their own individual action plans. It also involves the implementation of an early warning system, whereby the municipality and the secretariats of the schools in the city record data on school absenteeism. The project also foresees the support of schools in the development of a sustainable action plan addressing early school leaving as well as the coaching of individual students to help them address behavioural issues. The project started with three schools that implemented their action plans during 2014-15, and now 16 out of 17 Once the schools are successfully implementing their action plans they enter a so-called “learning network” designed for schools to exchange experiences.

Mireille Theelen